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↳ anonymous asked you: frary or delena

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mabastian appreciation week

  • day 4 - a song that reminds you of them

cause every time I’m slipping away from myself
you’re the one that moves me like nobody else

( christina grimmie - with love )

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Mash Appreciation Week » Day 3: Little Mash Things [Touching]

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Actual cupcake Francis de Valois being a caring husband. (Part III)

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Mary Stuart + Palettes  [insp]

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make me choose: Reign or Teen Wolf (asked by misslilycollinss)

Welcome to being a ruling queen, Mary. Men will trust you and die. These are the first, but they won’t be the last.

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"Medieval marriages were entirely a matter of property, and, as everyone knows, marriage without love means love without marriage."

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